Quarterly Calendar



Instructor: Jeff Bunch, jbunch@clark.edu

Below is our week-by-week agenda (including official Clark College dates for Fall Quarter 2013). Each weekly assignment is due by the start of class on Friday, either by e-mail or as a published post.  Please note that the final project is due in stages during the final full week of class.

Week of September 23 – Week 1- The Rise of the Web and the Evolution of Journalism 

  • M – The history and origins of the Internet and digital news
  • W – The birth and evolution of multimedia news gathering
  • F – Current best practices in multimedia news (guest speaker)
  • Assignment: Create Google and WordPress.com accounts

Week of September 30 – Week 2 – The Definition & Practice of Multimedia Journalism

  • M – Underlying fundamental concepts of journalism
  • W – The varied skill set need for multimedia news
  • F – A survey of top multimedia media news resources
  • Assignment: Write a reaction piece about a multimedia news project

Week of October 7 – Week 3 – WordPress and Blogging as a Platform

  • M – The raison d’etre of blogging platforms and why WordPress matters
  • W – Advanced lessons in setting up a WordPress blog, posting multimedia
  • F – Faculty Workday (NO CLASS)
  • Assignment: Publish your reaction piece from last week’s class as a blog post

Week of October 14 – Week 4 – Writing for the Web

  • M – Overview on how to write news for the Web, comply with AP style
  • W – In-class research & editing exercise; reliable sources and editing for the Web
  • F  – Publishing & promoting content on news, social media platforms

Week of October 21 – Week 5 – Mobile and Breaking Multimedia News Coverage

  • M – An overview of mobile news reporting/publishing planning, workflows, Storify
  • W – Getting up close with digital tools, photos, video, audio, and using smartphones
  • F  – Hands-on tips about using point-and-shoot video cameras to gather video, photos
  • Assignment: Decide topic for final project, turn it into instructor

Week of October 28 – Week 6  – Basic Multimedia News Storytelling (Group) 

  • M – Class live-blogging experience; planning a story and creating content
  • W – Video editing with Adobe Premiere software (guest instructor, Chris Martin)
  • F – Putting it all together: Edit assets, publishing in a blog post
  • Assignment: Turn in plan for final project, begin gathering content

Week of November 4 – Week 7 – Audio & Slideshows

  • M – Overview of audio basics; capturing audio and using it properly in multimedia news
  • W – Class audio capture and editing exercise
  • F – Overview of slideshows and class lab using software tools to build them
  • Assignment: Create a blog post using audio (at least 60 seconds) and brief introductory text

Week of November 11 – Week 8 – Multimedia News Storytelling (Individual)

  • M – Veteran’s Day (no class)
  • W – Class live-blogging experience; we will plan a story and create content
  • F – Putting it all together: Publishing our assets in blog post.
  • Assignment: Publish a post using the assets you gathered in Wednesday’s class

Week of November 18 – Week 9 – Data Journalism 

  • M – An overview of the field and tools for journalists
  • W – Creating map-based graphics using Google Maps
  • F – Creating infographics using web-based platforms
  • Assignment: Publish a blog post with introduction, Google Map, and infographic 

Week of November 25 – Week 10 – Creating, importing content for final project

  • M – One-on-one meetings about final project & class multimedia lab
  • W – Faculty Workday (NO CLASS)
  • Th-F – Thanksgiving Holiday (NO CLASS)
  • No assignment due to holiday, but keep working on your final project!

Week of December 2 – Week 11 – Putting it all together: Working labs for final project

  • M – Text of final project blog post (500- 1,000 words) is due by end of class
  • W – Infographic, photos are for final project blog post are due by end of class
  • F – Video (edited, published) for final project blog post is due by end of class

Week of December 9 – Finals Week – Class showcase of our Final projects

  • TBD – Meet on assigned day for our final exam to view & discuss everyone’s projects

Note: Calendar is subject to change, depending on the learning needs of the class

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