Week 7: Multimedia storytelling and putting it all together

>>>On Monday, we’ll finish the rough edits of our video and have in-class discussions about each group’s videos.

We’ll want to cover the following topics in class:

  • How much did your planning help your shoot?
  • Where did you have to vary from your plan and why?
  • What were some issues you identified in the editing process?
  • What advice/suggestions does each group have for the other?

Most importantly, this is the date to commit to your final project idea. You also need to e-mail your knowledge quiz by start of class.

>>On Wednesday, we will complete the final editing of our videos and we’ll upload the videos to my YouTube channel for publishing to our blogs.

>> On Friday, we’ll cover the basics of audio gathering and editing (with Audacity). Required out-of-class review are the Audacity tutorials (tested).

Here is a sample audio file to open in Audacity and edit it down to 30 seconds in Friday’s class. Open the clip in Audacity and edit to 30 seconds of optmized audio.

Assignment: By the start of class on Wednesday, Nov. 13, post a story of 500 words about your video project with the video embedded into the post. Links for each of the final videos are on our Discussion Links page. This will be this week’s graded assignment.  


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