What you’ve learned so far

This class is awesome! In only two days, you have learned not only how to blog, but also how to set up news “traps” through:

Putting it all together

On Friday, we’ll put them all together to report and write a breaking news story. Specifically, you will look through the above “traps” to see what’s trending. Then you’ll use what you find — news reports, tweets, blog posts, etc. — to report the big trending story of the moment. Finally, you’ll write your own blog post about the news.

Important reminders

Don’t forget that you are still journalists. That means:

  • Use inverted pyramid ledes and story organization
  • Write accurately and fairly
  • Attribute all facts and opinions to their sources
  • Keep yourself out of the story
  • Use AP style

Afterwards, we’ll go through the blog posts to see what you came up with. Have fun!


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