Photo gallery created in WordPress

To create your own photo gallery in WordPress, go to


This is a photo gallery

A gallery is an online collection of photos or other images. Think of it as images hanging on the wall of an art gallery.

The images often are thumbnails (small images) that can be clicked on to be enlarged. Below is a gallery imported from

Turtle PlaceTurtle Place sculptureCloser view of Turtle Place sculptureExplanatory plaqueWater!More signs
Bus stop signAnother view

Turtle Place, a set on Flickr.

This is a gallery of eight photos of the Turtle Place sculpture in downtown Vancouver, Wash.

Mug shot review

I loved your mug shots!

Here’s a review of what we learned:

  • Get up close. Fill the frame.
  • Use natural light, if possible.
  • Shoot your subject against a neutral background.
  • Have your subject stand away from the wall to avoid shadows.
  • If your subject is wearing eyeglasses, move the subject or yourself to keep light from reflecting off the glasses and creating glare or reflections.
  • Don’t be satisfied with just one photo. Shoot several so you have a variety to choose from.
  • Get information for the photo caption: full name (correctly spelled), age, city they are from, any other relevant information, such as college major, profession, etc.


What you’ve learned so far

This class is awesome! In only two days, you have learned not only how to blog, but also how to set up news “traps” through:

Putting it all together

On Friday, we’ll put them all together to report and write a breaking news story. Specifically, you will look through the above “traps” to see what’s trending. Then you’ll use what you find — news reports, tweets, blog posts, etc. — to report the big trending story of the moment. Finally, you’ll write your own blog post about the news.

Important reminders

Don’t forget that you are still journalists. That means:

  • Use inverted pyramid ledes and story organization
  • Write accurately and fairly
  • Attribute all facts and opinions to their sources
  • Keep yourself out of the story
  • Use AP style

Afterwards, we’ll go through the blog posts to see what you came up with. Have fun!

Welcome to Multimedia Journalism

This is a multimedia journalism infographic made with Piktochart, a free Web-based app.

This is an infographic made with Piktochart, a free Web-based app.

We will spend the next 10 weeks learning and practicing new skills, such as blogging, social media, digital photography, audio reporting, video reporting and creating infographics like the one on the right. (Click it to see it full-size.)

Some of the tools we’ll use include:

  • WordPress
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Groups
  • Digital cameras
  • Flickr
  • Digital video cams
  • iMovie and Windows Movie Maker
  • Smartphones
  • Audio recorders
  • Online infographic software

Most of our work will be hands-on and in-class, so you’ll get lots of practice and attention. By the end of the term, you’ll be ready to function like a “backpack journalist.”

The most important requirement is simple: Have fun!